R.C.C. Design :a combination of concrete and steel reinforcement that are joined into one piece and work together in a structure. The term “reinforced concrete” is frequently used as a collective name for reinforced-concrete structural members and products.

Reinforced concrete can protect the steel supports often used in large scale structures. The supports in these projects are susceptible to the elements and corrosion over time, but the concrete provides a shield-like protection, allowing for greater longevity and structural soundness.

RCC means Reinforced Cement Concrete, i.e., cement concrete reinforced with steel bars, steel plates, steel mesh etc to increase the tension withstanding capacity of the structure. Cement Concrete can take up immense compression but weak in tension whereas steel is good in withstanding both tension and compression.

Steel bending Processes/ Retaining Walls/ Beams Columns (Pillars) are Concrete Structures require reinforcement, and Blacksteel has the capacity for all manner of projects whether customized residential development or a large scale commercial or industrial project, Churches, Warehouse, Industrial, Banks, Hospitals / Clinics, School buildings, and other Commercial markets. you will receive the same high quality products and first class services from us.

Here are some of the advantages of RCC construction:

  1. Materials used in RCC construction are easily available.
  2. It is durable and long lasting.
  3. It is fire resisting and not attacked by termites.
  4. It is economical in ultimate cost.
  5. The reinforced concrete member can be cast to any shape because of the fluidity of concrete.
  6. Its monolithic character gives much rigidity to the structure.
  7. Cost of maintenance is nil.

This is one construction technique that made construction very easy and brought a boom to the field of construction. A construction technology which evolved with the evolution of different structural materials in the 18th century during the Industrial Revolution.

The size of columns and beams depends on the total loads on the structure. There are axial loads and lateral loads. Large beam spans induce bending moment not only in the beams, but also in columns which are pulled by the stresses in the beams. It is important to use advanced structural design software to analyse structures and avoid to loading failures.

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