Metal fabrication is the process of creating or building a usable product out of metal. Raw materials are bent, shaped, welded or cut to complete the final product. All of the tasks during the fabricatio process, from start to finish, are completed at the hands of a professional welder or fabricator.

Simply put, welding joins together two pieces of metal, glass, or thermoplastics with similar melting points and compositions using fusion. Fabrication is the evolutionary process of creating a metal product, from layout and design to formation and finishing.

Blacksteel fabricators cut, join and shape metal and other materials, using heat and a range of tools. Services are required on construction projects of all sizes, to do anything from Customized Gate fabrication, Balustrades, Hand and Road Railings to building bridges.

The process of constructing products by combining typically standardised parts using one or more individual processes. Steel fabrication is the production of metal structures using a range of processes such as cutting, bending and assembling.

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